Crown of the Sea Endowment

The CDM Alumni Association and The CDM Foundation are partnering to grow the CDM Crown of the Sea Endowment Fund.

Thank you for the ways you support Corona del Mar Middle and High School, from responding to our Capital Campaign to participating in event fundraisers to spreading the word to a wider audience – your gifts of time, talent, and funds are crucial planning for CDM’s future.  It’s easy to lose sight of effective tax planning in the fast pace of life as we give. We at The CDM Alumni Association and The CDM Foundation want to provide you other ways to reduce your tax liability.


Please contact Joe Stefano, Christy Ward, or Robert Smith at
[email protected] or
[email protected]
for more information about the Crown of the Sea Endowment.
(Tax ID 33-0668812)


Appreciated stock, donating appreciated stock can be the most tax advantageous way to give. You deduct the full value of your stock donation on your income tax and avoid paying capital gains on the appreciation.


Will Bequests, you can name the Crown of the Sea Endowment Fund as a specific dollar amount or percentage beneficiary of your Will.

IRA Transfer

Charitable Traditional IRA Transfer, if you are 70 1/2 or older, you can transfer up to $100,000 annually to a 501 3c without pay tax on the distribution.


Bunching your contributions, one way to utilize the tax advantages of charitable contributions is through bunching. Bunching is the consolidation of donations and other deductions into targeted years, so the deduction exceeds the standard deduction.

Please consult your tax advisor to maximize your tax benefit as you give.

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